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Della 25 years old, 

I was raised in church and grew up basically a good church kid. Despite having great Christian parents, every kid has to make a personal decision at some point. By the time I reached high school I needed to decide whether I was going to live a life for Christ or continue living a life for myself, constantly trying to please everyone around me. When I was 17 I made a firm decision to give my life to God and accept the gift of salvation that He has provided for us. Before I got saved, I struggled with anxiety, depression, and had very little direction and hope in my life. I didn't understand where my place was in life and it scared me. When I let God come into my life, He gave me freedom from fear, anxiety, and depression. I know my worth in Him and he has given me a hope and peace for the future. With God in control, I have changed drastically in the past few years and am living a life focused on pleasing God, not the world. Giving your life to Christ is the best decision anyone can make, as He has demonstrated in my own life that what He has planned is usually quite amazing compared to what we can do on our own. I look forward to letting Him use me in a God-filled future and encourage others to make the same decision!

My life story so far. I am in my 20's and I have had a very blessed life, I grew up in the church my whole life always involved in everything the church did, I learned all about Jesus, I was in Sunday school and in plays and in music, I was in drama, anything you could think of that we did I was doing it, we never missed church for anything, we were a very committed family.
 Both of my parents were serving God and were being amazing examples of a real christian life, I have 3 siblings, and we were all raised properly knowing what was right and what was wrong. Everyone must come to terms with their own salvation, and just because I was in all this my whole life does not mean I was going to make heaven my home, I cannot ride on my parents coat tails my whole life.
 I was never a super rebellious child, I for the most part always listened to my parents and hated getting in trouble so I tried to let my brother do all the bad stuff and I would watch to see what he would get in trouble for.
 I was only 12 when I really made a commitment to serve Jesus, to really surrender my life to him and let him take control of it, I know it is a young age and many people think you have to be much older but I was serious, God had really touched my heart that day and I knew he was real and I knew that he wanted to be Lord of my life and I knew it was time to completely give my heart to him.
 Because I was so young I still had all the battle of being a teenager and all the emotions involving that and I went through a time of bitterness toward God for making my life so hard (as it seemed at the time) and I had such a contempt toward the things of God for a while and I wrestled it out in my mind and God helped me.
 I made some mistakes and I have some character flaws I will admit and I was always coming to God to help me but I kept my faith and I served Jesus and I battled through the tough times and He was always there for me, in everything I did.
 I am now married to a wonderful man and we are on our way to starting a family and God has been so good to us, we still have to live life and go through the struggles of that and everyone always will but I know that Jesus is there for me backing me up the whole way and encouraging me and helping me in everything.
 I want to say that if you don’t know Jesus then you should get to know him because it will change your life drastically, even if you are a church kid, when God reveals himself to you and all that he is and all that he can do, you will be amazed. I don’t regret my life or wish I had a different one or wish I grew up differently, I am very glad that I was saved from all the awful sin out there in the world, I am so thankful for Gods covering of a christian family, I see now that God has a perfect plan for my life and as long as I am willing, He will fulfill it.

Gordon 61 years old

In my early life I was a bit of a carouser. I can recall through my late teens & early twenties being in the party scene quite extensively. Every weekend was spent with my drug buddies. I had never considered Jesus or church. I was married in the United Church because of some affiliations and later in life I started attending there. I was a fairly active person with bringing the three children to Sunday school, being on committees and in the church play. I never heard of the need for a personal relationship with Jesus. I never came to a point of knowing God, being sure about heaven or understanding spiritual truths. I was quite aware of a spiritual side of life but it had no connection with religion or Jesus.

Although sometimes attending the United Church, my life was not a clean one. I would make my own beer & wine and still go to the bar frequently. I can recall spending too much time in the bar one Friday night and having to take a cab home and then going around Saturday morning from bar to bar to find where my truck was parked. Not showing up for Friday supper was quite common.

Even though I did not know much about the Bible when I was thirty six years old I decided that the church I was in was not following Bible principles and decided to look elsewhere. I attended at the Potters House for some time and then came to a point of decision about the salvation of Jesus.

This was the best step of my life. Now I can live life knowing God and serving him. I poured my 5 gallon jug of home made beer down the toilet and pored 30 bottles of wine down the sink. I was baptized at a lake (immersed) that summer. My children don?t have to worry about their dad not making it home Friday night because of alcohol. I have left behind the fears and anxieties of a life without Christ and am living healthy and happy raising my family.